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Attic occupants can do a number of things to combat the heat at home

Ventilate properly

The first measure concerns the windows. It is best to leave them completely closed during the day so that the heat does not even get into the apartment. Attic residents should postpone airing until the evening when the sun is no longer shining. As long as it is still light outside, drawn curtains or lowered blinds help to at least not let any heat into the room. Thermal blinds that can be attached from the inside are another alternative.

Use evaporative cooling

Damp towels can also help keep the home cool. Wet cotton or terry towels with cold water, wring them out vigorously and hang them up. During drying, heat is extracted from the air and it cools down slightly. A fan that blows on the towels and at the same time disperses the air in the room can increase the effect.

Mobile refrigeration systems

If the temperature outside is constantly above 30 degrees, the tried and tested household tricks are no longer of much help. Anyone who suffers from the heat and cannot sleep because of it, for example, should think about a mobile air conditioning system. These are also available to rent. As a rule, so-called monoblock units offer various functions in one device, such as cooling, heating, dehumidification and air circulation. For example, the temperature of the Hotmobil Coolmono MRM 3 model can be set between 17 and 30 degrees Celsius. Such a device can be found anywhere where the exhaust air hose of the system can be routed to the outside. At www.hotmobil.de, people suffering from the heat can find out about various models. The right contact person for specific advice is the on-site air conditioning company.

Avoid unnecessary heat energy

However, it is always crucial not to produce more heat in addition to solar radiation. Therefore: Always switch off lamps during the day, as well as larger computers and televisions. Switching on the extractor hood when cooking, on the other hand, makes sense because it transports the warm air from the kitchen outside.